Petra Hernandez

I am first and foremost a story teller. I love to write in many genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, YA, essays, and poetry. I also teach yoga and mindfulness. I can swear a blue streak. I watch too much Netflix. I don’t clean my house as often as I should. I love animals. I love a good pun. I also love a bad pun. I can never decide what color to paint my walls. And I love my local library.

I have written one novel with my partner, Adam Lombard, under our pen name Adrastus Rood. It’s called Manly Hero and it’s awesome. If you’d like to check out a sample of it you can find it here. We’re currently working on book two in the series.

This site is where I blog, post announcements, post samples, and share info about my solo projects. So stay tuned!

My Character Stats:

  • +8 for music playlist creation – can spend hours crafting the perfect playlist for every occasion

  • -8 for time management – read above description

  • +12 for story idea generation – can’t breathe without coming up with a new story idea

  • +14 for late-night-awakeness – have seen one too many sunrises from the wrong side of the day

  • -20 for morning activity – don’t call, text, or morse code me before noon

Thanks for stopping by! 😀


I eat plants

If you have vegan, soy-free, gluten-free ramen recipes, twelve bonus points for you!!! And yes, I know, minus twelve points to me for being food difficult. But I’m okay with it. I’ll make them up somewhere else.


Obligatory “normal” picture

This is a picture where I pretend to be normal, but with a hat.


i take a lot of car selfies

Not while driving! People on phones while driving is a major pet peeve of mine. I’m safely ensconced in the passenger seat here. And fully decked out in my peace & love gear. Peace and love to you. (Even if you’re on a cell phone while driving. But for the love of all things sane, put the phone down!)